Albanian Minerals and Economic Growth

“The Albanian government has a simplified tax system which aims to increase investment, create jobs and promote competition in the local economy,” according to Sahit Muja, CEO of Albanian Minerals.

Investments in the country have increased by 300% since the 10% flat tax was implemented.  Albania’s economic growth represents one of the most impressive feats in Europe, as they have one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

These developments have caught the attention of a small number of forward-thinking Western investors like New York-based NCH Capital (co-founded by George Rohr and Moris Tabacinic), which for several years has been an opportunistic investor in Albania’s property sector, and  banks such as Raiffeisen Bank.

Muja added that “Albania has embraced very ambitious plans to power Albania on renewable sources of green energy. Albania is on the road to becoming the first country in the world to produce 100% of its electricity from renewable energy.”

Albanian Minerals works to generate large quantities of “green collar” jobs in Albania.

“Albanian Minerals sees green technology as an important part of their business and investment strategies,” Muja said.Currently, hydropower generation accounts for 90% of electricity produced in Albania, while 10% is produced by thermal power plants. As a result of the country’s topography and geographic positioning, it has enormous wind potential as well as great amounts of solar energy.”

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