Association Agreement Between the EU and Ukraine is a “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”

The Ukraine’s upcoming association agreement with the EU has been hailed a “once in a lifetime” opportunity as Europe continues along a path of integration.

According to First Deputy Prime Minister Serhiy Arbuzov, if the agreement is signed at the summit later this year, Ukraine’s GDP will grow at least 2%. Abruzov, former governor of the national bank of Ukraine, also said such a deal would open up a “huge market” for European businesses.

“It’s a win-win situation,” he said, “but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that we must grasp with both hands.”

Arbuzov added that while there are still potential obstacles, the EU is already the Ukraine’s largest trading partner, followed closely by Germany. The Ukraine can be of “use and interest” to Europe, according to the minister.

“Ukraine is a country of unrivalled potential and opportunities. It shares European values. It has a highly experienced workforce, a market of 46 million consumers and infrastructure projects which European companies could contribute to with personnel, technology and investment.”

He added that Ukraine has “been very useful to Europe” on security issues. “Ukraine is a very peaceful country. We do not have any claims over our neighbors.”


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