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Telenor Sells Eastern European Division for €2.8 Billion

Norwegian based telecom company Telenor sold its eastern European branch to the Czech based PPF Group for €2.8 billion. The deal is part of Telenor’s efforts to bring its focus to Asia and Scandinavia. Specifically, Telenor is selling its mobile networks in Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia. They are also unloading a small technology company….

European CEOs to Meet English Leaders to Discuss Brexit

Executives from leading European companies, including Bank of Ireland, BMW, Bosch and Kingfisher are scheduled to meet UK Prime Minister Theresa May and chancellor Philip Hammond on Thursday. The agenda for the meeting includes planning for the implementation time following the exit of the UK form the European Union due to take place a year…

Chinese Solar Company Expanding to Eastern Europe

Chinese JA Solar, one of the largest solar products makers in the world, forged a deal with Manitu Solar, an important PV distributer in Hungary to expand JA’s goods into the Eastern European marketplace. The terms of the deal stipulate that Manitu will distribute JA Solar’s solar modules. Manitu Solar, founded in 2010, brings Tier-1…