Brexit and the Art World

brexitWhat impact is Brexit going to have – if any – on the world of art?  Will education thrive, suffer or remain intact?  How will Britain leaving the European Union affect Britain’s artistic collaboration with other art institutions in Europe and around the world? Will this make any difference to international students at colleges such as the Academy of Art University,  Parsons Paris, and Yale-NUS college to name but a few?

Some individuals who hold key executive positions in various art-related organizations are quite devastated by the Leave vote which at 51.9% of the British people was an extremely narrow yes to Exit.  In an article written on the BBC’s website two days ago, Independent Film and Television Alliance Chairperson Michael Ryan, called it a “major blow,” adding that he is now “deeply concerned about what leaving… will mean for culture in the UK.”

But others are determined that the new non-European status of Britain will not negatively impact its connection to artistic institutions and culture around the world.  For example, Rufus Norris, head of the UK’s National Theatre promised that at least his venue would stay “committed” to European (and by domino effect, international) collaboration.  He said: “We remain resolutely committed to increasing our collaboration with friends and colleagues across the UK, in Europe and around the world.”

Is there a chance Brexit could positively impact the international artistic world stage?  Maybe.  According to CEO of Creative Industries Foundation John Kampfner, the arts industry will “play an important role… as the UK creates a new identity and a new position on the world stage.”

The hope thus remains for all artistic bodies around the world, if Brexit has any impact at all, it will be a positive one, meaning that art and cultural education internationally like the Academy of Art University, Parsons Paris and Yael-NUS college, will reap benefits by gaining a deeper comprehension of how these industries work in other parts.

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