EMBraer Paper Goods’s Sonnenfeld, Looks to Elio Motors & Others for Inspiration


EMBraer’s Sonnenfeld looking for inspiration to innovate from Elio Motors

What do EMBraer Paper Goods, Elio Motors, and AqUV all have in common? They are companies that Beth Sonnenfeld, Vice President of Sales at EMBraer Paper Goods, believes are leaders in their fields, with innovative ideas that set them apart from the rest.

Sonnenfeld has been looking for new ways to incorporate the green revolution into the world of party preparation and paper goods use. She believes her customer base is changing its priorities as the culture leans towards re-use and recycling to protect the environment and in some cases bring prices down. Sonnenfeld does not shy away from innovation; she is constantly embracing it.

Her inspiration can be found in two quite diverse companies: Elio Motors and AqUV.

Elio Motors is bringing to market a three-wheeled vehicle with incredible gas mileage of 84mpg, and a rock-bottom sticker price of under $7,000. Up front the driver will enjoy an infotainment system based on tablet technology, offering easy access to music, navigation, connectivity and even driver control of a rear-facing camera.

Additionally a small, new company has just gotten the attention of Sonnenfeld. AqUV is a Florida-based company that manufactures a water bottle with a built-in ultraviolet light bulb that disinfects water by killing bacteria and viruses. The company is one of four that is contending for the Cade Museum Prize for Innovation worth $50,000. Sonnenfeld is impressed that the company is concerned with a simple solution to a huge worldwide problem; bringing clean drinking water to places where clean water is not always readily accessible.

When it comes to marketing and sales, Sonnenfeld believes inspiration can be found in a large number of diverse arenas, and she is always ready to explore other markets to learn something new.

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