Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel

Germany’s economic power, and the status that comes with it, makes it a key factor in the euro zone’s future and a major player in the European debates. It may seem unusual, then, that Berlin’s main concerns have little to do with Greece of Spain.

Germany is the third-largest exporting nation in the world. Their focus, therefore, has to do with maintaining China’s interest in their machine tools and cars, as well as boxing out their competition.

Germany’s reputation, as well as power, is held in the hand of Chancellor Angela Merkel, the World’s Most Powerful Woman according to Forbes. And though anything is possible considering Germany’s coalition trend, Merkel is likely to remain at the top.

“Quite honestly, I don’t see any risks for Merkel inside Germany,” a politician said. “She is very strong and highly trusted by the population as a crisis manager.”

This is indeed true, as Merkel is seen as a defender of the German taxpayer. She works hard to recognize and support the needs of the ordinary German. She inspires confidence in the people; even those who believe their economy to be threatened by their ‘irresponsible neighbors’.

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