Germany Considering Military Aid to NATO States

In the wake of the Russian takeover of Crimea Germany is thinking about offering military assistance to some eastern European countries which are members of NATO.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Germany would like to increase their diplomatic influence in global affairs to bring it more on par with their economic clout and therefore is making conscious efforts to get more involved in world affairs. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with her foreign minister, have been highly active in helping to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.

The problem for Germany, however, is its bad history as a Nazi regime, making it difficult to send military missions overseas.

According to Der Spiegel the defense ministry is ready to offer as many as six planes to boost the patrolling of airspace in some areas in eastern Europe. If this happens then the number of NATO aircraft will be doubled. NATO wants to expand its air patrols to reassure its eastern members after the events which took place in Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier emphasized that it was essential that NATO not react without thinking any actions through so as to avoid unnecessary military action.

“At the same time, our partners know that we stand for solidarity in the alliance with no ifs and buts and not just when the weather suits,” der Spiegel quoted Steinmeier.

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