Jamaica Expanding Its Tourism Reach to China and Eastern Europe

Dunns River Falls, Jamaica. Photo D Ramey Logan

Dunns River Falls, Jamaica. Photo D Ramey Logan

Jamaica is looking for new markets for its tourism industry. Two places it is going wild over are China and Eastern Europe.

According to Edmund Bartlett, the Minister of Tourism in Jamaica, the tourism industry is doing well, but it doesn’t hurt to continue exploring new, non-traditional options for expansion and growth. China and Eastern Europe fit this bill.

“We have done a good job over the years, but there is a lot more to be done. If we are to attain double digit growth we have to aggressively target newer markets,” Bartlett said.

He called the South American market a “frontier to be conquered” and said that now that they have a good trade relationship with China it is a good time to encourage tourism from there.

“We are currently in discussions with China with the aim of having a meaningful presence. This will help us tap into that market in a far more aggressive way than we have ever done before,” the minister said.

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