Operation Atlantic Resolve Strengthening Baltic States Against Russian Aggression

Those old enough to remember the Cold War might be having a bit of that Déjà vu feeling right now, as equipment and manpower arrives at the doorstep of Russia.

John F. Kennedy meets with Nikita Khruchchev in Vienna, May, 1961.

The middle of January, 2017 saw the arrival of several thousand pieces of vehicles and equipment with a few thousand soldiers to man them. Included among the over 2,700 pieces of equipment are M1A2 Abrams tanks. The Pentagon says the 3rd Armored Brigade is there to certify the gear in Poland, where it arrived, before it is shipped off to other NATO nations nearby.

The destination for the material is Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, and Romania. This is all part of “Operation Atlantic Resolve,” a US exercise which will have as its goal the deployment of units in the region every nine months on a regular, routine basis.

“These forces here were a direct response to the destabilizing efforts of the Russian government in the Ukraine,” said Lt. Gen. Tim Ray, Deputy Commander of US European Command.

Several Baltic states have expressed their worry that Russia could do to them the same thing it did to the Ukrainian area of the Crimea in 2014, namely invade and annex. Many of these states have been strengthening their military preparedness, at times side by side with US soldiers.

Operation Atlantic Resolve is the way the US is expanding its armed presence in the area and expanding joint training exercises with its NATO allies. In addition, the Pentagon is also bringing fuel, ammunition and other materials to the region to shrink deployment times just in case any “aggressive regional actors” call for a response.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, called the notion of Russia attacking anyone “stupid and unrealistic.”

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