RIM Signs Deal With Brightsource for Eastern European Distribution

Brightsource recently signed a deal with Blackberry maker RIM to distribute the cellphone maker’s smartphones and software throughout Eastern Europe.

The agreement states that Brightpoint will serve as RIM’s partner in the region, and distribute Blackberry products and logistics services via its authorized network to telecommunications, cellphone network operators and retailers in Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia.

“We are excited about strengthening our relationship with RIM, and look forward to leveraging our footprint and services portfolio to serve customers in the region with RIM products,” said Brightpoint president Anurag Gupta. “This agreement allows us to bring more value and flexible solutions to customers in the region.”

Leigh Jenkinson, RIM’s regional director, also said “We are pleased to further our relationship with Brightpoint as a one-stop distribution and logistics solutions provider for RIM in the region.”

Brightpoint is a company which provides supply chain solutions to wireless industries, handling 99 million wireless devices across the globe last year. Its services include distribution and channel management, inventory management, repair services and reverse logistics. They also work in software loading and customized packaging. The company’s current revenues have reached $3.6 billion.

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