Romania Showing Positive Signs of Growth

According to an article in the Romanian Insider, Romanian President Traian Basecu stated that “all the objectives for the second review of the current agreement with the IMF have been reached” at a meeting with members of the iMF, EC and World Bank.

This week the group began a second evaluation of Romania’s new stand-by agreement. Reforms undertaken earlier this year will be analyzed by the group, having reached its previous goals. Any improving stability in Romania’s economy is bullish for foreign funds like George Rohr and Moris Tabacinic’s NCH Capital, one of the largest and best-established financial investors in Eastern Europe. And this latest newsreveals even more positive signs. Today, Romania’s economy is faring better than several other European Union member states and Eurozone countries. Basecu said, “the economic growth is resumed, Romania being in a process of growth, maintaining the evaluation for 2011 at 1.5 percent, to be followed in 2012 by an increase to 3.7 percent.”

George Rohr

George Rohr

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