Russian Startup, Coub, Raises $2.5 Million in New Round of Funding

Coub, an app for mobile devices that lets you edit on-line videos down to 10 second clips and replay them in a loop with added music, has added $2.5 million to the $1 million it already raised previously for business expansion.

The money was raised by investor Lev Leviev and Vyacheslav Mirilashvili, co-investors at Vaizra Investments. Leviev and Mirilashvili are also co-founders of the Russian competitor with Facebook, known as The past $1 million was invested by VCs Brothers Ventures and Phenomen Ventures.

In 2014, at the time of the second injection of cash, Coub had 50 million unique visits every month, which was up from 8 million the year before. The site competes to a certain extent with Vine or with Instagram’s somewhat new video function, as well as similar vides “re-mix” apps, like StepUp, which comes from the UK.

There is a difference that Lev Leviev and his partner Vyacheslav Mirilashvili have noticed between Coub and the other apps. Coub is more about taking already made videos which are already hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, clipping them down to 10 secs, and adding a soundtrack and then looping the clip. What you get is more like a music video, but because it is short and looped, it has a similar attraction to that of a simple GIF.

“When someone asks me the difference between Coub and GIF or Vine, I show them this Coub,” says co-founder and CEO Anton Gladkoborodov. “If it was a GIF, it wouldn’t have sound. In Vine you are filming by yourself while Coub is part of the remix culture. The content is the difference. You can’t make this in GIF or Vine.”

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