Steel Panel Radiators on Demand in Eastern Europe

According to manufacturers in the region, the growth in demand for steel panel radiators in Eastern Europe reflects the product’s promising future in the UK market.

This indicates that steel panel radiators are still the number one modern option for warm homes in countries like Turkey, Russia and the Ukraine, according to the Manufacturer’s Association of Radiators and Convectors. It’s true that use of such panels has doubled over the last decade.

MARC chairman John Colling said “The Eastern European markets are growing at a time when there has never been greater choice available, so the fact that they are overwhelmingly turning to radiators can mean only one thing; they are still the best option available.

“Clearly, we are seeing a validation of the vital message that MARC and its members have been sending out in recent years. Modern steel panel radiators, as part of a well-installed system in an insulated home are as efficient as, if not more efficient than my competitor product group.

“One of the clear advantages is in existing properties, where radiators are already the product of choice, because like-for-like replacement is easy and inexpensive. However, we are seeing that radiators are still the top choice in new build properties because they benefit from a wide range of advantages over other emitter types, such as response time.

“We are confident that the UK market will continue to recognize all of the benefits of a modern steel panel radiator and that our expectations of market growth to 200 million steel panel radiators installed in the UK by 2023 will be met.”

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