T-Mobile Launches New ‘Open Europe’ International Data Plan

T-Mobile just revealed its new flat-rate unlimited data package for business customers, called Open Europe. The plan aims to respond to the heightening demand for data and international roaming costs by providing up to 500 MB full-speed data within 28 European countries for a monthly fee of $50. International roaming costs are eliminated.
Frank Sickinger of T-Mobile said:

“Of the millions of international trips U.S. business travelers make each year, a significant portion are made to European countries. For these customers, our new T-Mobile Open Europe data feature dramatically reduces costly international data roaming tolls, controls the risk of data roaming ‘bill shock’, and provides data connectivity required to conduct business from London to Moscow- all for a predictable $50 monthly fee.”

The data plan will be available to business customers starting in August.

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