UK Ranks Low in Broadband Speed

Photo courtesy Bernard Goldbach

In a study by, the UK was ranked 31 in a worldwide survey of broadband speeds. Britain fell behind almost every other European country, including those in Eastern Europe, such as Romania, Lithuania and Slovenia.

The average speed in the UK was clocked at 16.51Mbps. That means it could take an hour to download an HD movie. That is less than half what Ofcom reported in its UK Home Broadband Performance a few months ago.

At the top of the list is Singapore. The average speed in that Malaysian city-state is 55.13Mbps. At the bottom of the rankings is Yemen, with a woefully slow 0.34Mbps. To put that in terms of time, a 7.5GB HD movie will download in Singapore in just a bit more than 18 minutes. In Yemen, it will take two days.

France, Ireland and Italy all have speeds slower than the UK.

Analyst Dan Howdle from said,

“These results offer us a fresh perspective on where we sit in the broadband world.

“Relatively speaking, we are near the top of the table. However, many of those ahead of us – some a long way ahead – are our neighbours both in the EU and wider Europe.

“Superfast rollout in the UK continues apace. However, clearly there are lessons to be learned both from Europe and from those topping the table.”

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